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Holistic Living/ Permakultur

Holistic Living: What is it about?

If you think in holistic terms, everything is connected. So every action we do, how we talk, what we eat, what we buy, how we live has an impact to the world.

Holistic living means to live in harmony with nature, animals and all other people and with yourself. Its taking responsibility in your daily life.

Permaculture is a basic element of a sustainable holistic lifestyle. To grow your own food, to build communities, support the locals and live in respect with nature without destroying.

I want to help creating solutions for a holistic lifestyle together and share my knowledge, sharing with others to develop different forms of holistic living.

Want to know more?


Earth care

Taking care for nature

People care

Taking care for yourself and others

Fair share

Sharing is caring

Future care

taking responsibility for our actions


You want to create a garden or need some help to make your home to a beautiful place? 

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