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Art: Flow of Life

Life is an endless flow of creativity. 

The same is with art, expressing yourself has infinite possibilities.

It goes beyond words, its pure experience.

In the "Flow of life" you travel through three dimensions. Every dimensions is an other part of my life journey, its another style of art and a different perception.

Have fun and enjoy.

Dimension 1

Dimension 2


Who am I and where do I go? How can I be happy in this lifetime?

Learning about my self and finding out, there are some Lessons, which are essential to understand to be happy.

Still in learning process!

Art Black and White

Dimension 3

Dimension 1

Facing reality

Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I believe we can do better! Facing reality, all this injustice and unfairness, How we treat nature, other humans and our self.

Welcome to life in 21.century.

Art in Collagen

Dimension 2

Dimension 3

How far can we go?

Are we multi- dimensional beings? what is the potential of the humanity and every person?

We are much more, than we think..

I invite to travel beyond your beliefs and get some inspiration what else could be possible.

Art Acryl/Spray

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